Inner Circle (wives Association) by Evelyn Lozada

Entertainment, Fiction

I am disappointed to say that I found this book pretty bad overall. I think in some cases it just completely bored me how immature these women were. They were constantly talking about “beating up” other women who might get in their way. In pretty much every chapter it is mentioned that someone will get their ass kicked. Eve thinks she is a great schemer but her grand scheme feels like something I would have read in the Sweet Valley twins books I picked up in elementary school. The characters are so young minded that Gossip Girl is a High School girl series and I felt more challenged and intrigued by it than by this book. I was originally interested in it because I was vying for a fresh look at the entertainment industry from a sports perspective. I should also add that I got the audio book version of this instead of the text and there were some pretty awful parts whenever she tried to read for a Latin character. She would put on this really bad accent that sounded nothing like a Latino accent. It was more like a bad impression of a Jamaican accent and made it hard to take her seriously when she was reading for those characters. Furthermore she read a few lines in Spanish and also did a terrible job. I don’t see why someone else couldn’t have read those lines for her if she wasn’t going to practice them to perfection. Amy Poehler had other people do a few sound bites for her. The narrator of Inner Circle couldn’t even say Buenos Aires properly. One of the main issues was that their probems aren’t even easy to relate to. Eve bends over backwards to keep both her man and career in ways the average woman wouldn’t be able to. Then the wives association is started because these women don’t want to be left without a dime if their relationships end but it turns out they consider 7,500 a month being left close to nothing. I have no idea what it’s like to be the wife of a famous athelete but 7,500 a month is not enough? At one point, Amber complains that when she left her man, her credit card limit became 5,000 a month. The yearly credit card limit I set for myself is less than 5,000! When Eve is discussing the terms of the Wives Association contract she adds that she wants to add a mandatory abortion clause for any woman their husbands might have on the side. And I’m supposed to believe she has a knowledge of law? It must be against the law to force someone to have an abortion. When Carmen Garza, one of the side girls in the book gets beat up, Eve thinks whether or not she deserved that beatdown is debatable. I guess it is plain as day Eve is insecure since she won’t hire attractive females but how insecure and heartless do you have to be to think a person deserves to be battered over a man? Furthermore, Jackie, one of the other wives who also talks frequently about beating people up if they get with her husband is having a handful of affairs herself. Can you say hypocrisy? Throughout the book, one of the other wives, Amber complains about the judgement she frequently gets from her mother in law, who labels her as a trophy wife. But then she mentions it was always her dream to be a trophy wife. In that case isn’t her mother in law kind of right about her? Judgemental maybe, but accurate in thinking that Amber wanted to marry up. If your dream is specifically to be a trophy wife, that sort of puts her in the category her mother in law is so critical of. Needless to say, I won’t be picking up the next books in this series and I sincerely hope someone recommends a book with a good inside look at the sports industry.

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